Before and After School Care for Kids

Our Mission

Kids' Adventures provides an environment in which individuals are given the opportunity to reach their full potential through movement, nutrition, and mindfulness.

Kids' Adventures vision is for each staff member to try and adhere to our 3 Programming Pillars; Movement, Nutrition, and Mindfulness, in their own lives. Each pillar is a great compliment to the other. I believe if each of us lives our lives according to these 3 pillars, we will better reflect the type of character that we are working to instill in our students, by modeling behaviors consistent with these pillars.

Defining our Core Program Pillars

Movement: Being physically active every day. Aim to participate in activities such as: running, hiking, walking, biking, lifting weights, cross fit or yoga.

Nutrition: Learning to read and understand ingredient labels, drinking more water, eating and cooking with a seed-to-table mentality, starting a small garden to grow vegetables to consume as part of your daily diet. Less ingredients often equals more nutritional value.

Mindfulness: Being present and aware of each moment without judgment. Using mindful breathing and focus techniques to manage and reduce stress.

    Announcements and Events

    Registering your child for before- or afterschool care is easy with our new online registration tools. Set up an account and get started.

    It's going to be a great summer with Kids' Adventures. Download a Summer Program Overview. Summer Camps will be held at the following locations:
    Bear Creek Elementary
    Century Elementary
    Iowa Elementary
    Frontier P-8
    Highline Academy
    Jeffco Summer Hosted
    Fitzmorris Elementary
    Landmark Academy

    Kids’ Adventures, Inc works closely with the Colorado Department of Human Services to continue to provide quality, affordable child care to low income families. Learn more about financial assistance through CCAP/TANF and more.

    We are pleased to announce that tutoring is now available at select Kids' Adventures locations: Aurora Frontier K-8, Highline Academy, and Vanderhoof Elementary.